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On this page we will list a few of the products we offer as part of our main product line.

Electrical Systems
A Safe, Reliable Electrical System is the Backbone for all Systems in your Home. Having this service available under the same roof as other systems will increase benefits to your design and service experience.
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Back Up Power Systems

Phone Systems are an incredible convenience, especially in homes over 3,000 sq.ft. Speed Dials, Paging and Intercoming are standard with Panasonic Phone Systems. Voice Mail is also available as an upgrade.
Cordless Phones Avaialble.
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 Panasonic 7436

KXT-D 1232

Security Systems
Security Systems contribute to peace of mind. Whether you are retiring for the evening or leaving for vacation, these systems are very reliable and most importantly, user friendly.

Specializing in ITI Concord, Concord Express, Advent. Please call if you have a different system. We can refer you to assistance.

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Security System

Whole House Automation
The Ultimate in Smart Homes! All systems in your home integrate with this control system. No more separate controls for Lights, HVAC, Security, Distributed Audio Volume Controls. They all are accessed by these touchpanels! No more wall clutter!

These are available in wireless controls as well.

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Lighting Control
In large homes, Lighting Control is a must. How many times have you walked completely through your home to make sure all lights are off before you retire for the evening or wished you had a switch that turned on exterior lights when your hear something go "bump in the night"? Lighting control gives you these options as well as other features like pressing a button to have your home simulate occupancy while you are really on vacation. Another popular option is to wire your Sercurity System into your Lighting Control System so in an alarm condition, lights you have designated can go 'ON' or 'FLASH' to confuse a would-be intruder.
Wired and Wireless systems are available.
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Lutron SeeTouch

Vantage BriteTouch

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